Goal Based Workout Design


We don't want to give you another workout - we want to condition you to reach your goals.

Step Into The Ring ...

We take our inspiration from great fighters of the past. In professional sports livelihood and fitness are intimately linked together. There is a good reason why fighters are in such good shape. Their conditioning is almost as important as their technical ability.

In boxing a fighters chances of winning are determined by how well-prepared he is for the fight. A fighter that prepared well and is very conditioned, will likely overwhelm his opponent with shear strength of his attack. If a fighter is not prepared and is not in his peak shape, not only will he loose, but he will likely miss out on his chance to show his talent and skill and waste his years of hard work and dedication. That's why fighters take the training so seriously. For them it is their life - not just something they do on the weekends. For them training is where the heart, mind and body are all tested to the limit. Fight is when they get graded on their work.

Even though it isn't very likely that you will be stepping into the ring any time soon, it doesn't mean we can't take lessons from these elite athletes and train like them. If you bring a fighters mentality and work ethic to your training - there will be no goal you will not be able to accomplish. And this training not only will help you get the body and health you want, but it will prepare you for life - we all need to feel the fight in our selves.

Our program includes everything to push you to the limit: cardio HIIT training, plyometrics, strength and everything in-between. Let's make sure your body feels how bad you want to change.