Fitness Consultation


We have designed this program so that it is accessible to most people - so that the client get's one on one experience of coaching without ever leaving their home. The program is a culmination of our experience in the health industry as well as personal experience in training.

How It Works

We start with a consultation. Without speaking to you we will not be able to address the specific issues you want to look at. So this is the first step - a Skype or phone conversation. We look at the following:

Your goals - we set out an exact plan of action to make things happen. We look at lifestyle, weight, body composition, fitness goals etc.

The second thing we look at is your time frame - basically how fast you want the result to happen. This, of course, has some limitations such as time availability, dedication, specific health concerns, current work load, which might interfere with the progress of the program. However, when we design it, we look at this in detail and try to make sure we account for any restraints that will make the program more difficult.

Another important step is to look at your background in fitness. Your previous and current injuries and the intensity with which you are prepared to undertake this endeavor.

We also do something that almost no other fitness program offers - we look at your health level and supplementation/vitamin intake. This part is crucial to make sure your body is performing at maximum capacity. Our programs are often very demanding and require external intervention (through supplementation) to ensure proper wear and tear.

We will explain our nutrition philosophy and answer any questions you might have so that you will be prepared to take an educated leap of faith when it comes to eating right.

After we get all the information, the next step is to design a custom fitness and lifestyle program that will ensure your success and help you reach your goals in a fast and efficient manner.

Online fitness coaching is a practical way to ensure that you are achieving and surpassing goals you set out. A great way to have a coach on your side to help you get through the hard parts of your training and help guide you to make better choices when it comes to health and life style.