Fitness Nutrition Coaching


Balanced nutrition for a lean and fit body isn't something that just happens - it is deliberately created!

Performance Nutrition Program

For the past 11 years we have been testing various nutrition protocols and methods for fitness performance. Through out this journey we have determined the best mix of diet and life style changes that both result in incredible transformations in terms of weightless, but also leave you lean and strong without suffering while you are doing the program. We are convinced that nutrition is the fastest way to get your dream body. It changes not only your health but also your entire outlook on life. Imagine not having cravings, having unlimited energy and being able to live your life to the fullest. Guiding our clients to this end goal has been our mission.

Our philosophy is simple: a lean body is made as a result of a balanced lifestyle, that is guides by disciplined nutrition plan, effective exercise program and a cool head on once shoulders. We are not promoting temporary dieting to loose some weight. We believe in creating permanent lifestyle changes that will bring drastic changes in once body composition. We specialize in performance nutrition for weight loss. This means that performance enhancement is a big part of the picture - no-one is starving in our programs.

We are athletes our selves and we know what we need to do to prepare for a fight. We also enjoy pushing our physical and mental limits, just like you do! But we also started somewhere and fitness doesn't happen overnight. We struggled and found shortcuts that we are going to share with you, so that your journey is more efficient.

Having had ran a health clinic for over 8 years and studied fitness and nutrition for over 11 years, we have acquired expert knowledge that will save you a lot of trial-and-error time. Every case is custom, but knowledge of how to get results fast is universal. We inspire our clients to become better versions of themselves by teaching them to become experts at their own bodies.