You work hard and reach your fitness goal. Sticking to the program and your diet plan. But what if you could get an edge? Is there a supplement that can give it to you?

Why Supplements?

Do you think if you eat fruit and vegetables and get enough sun, water and sleep you WILL NOT need supplements? You bet YOU WILL! Here are some reasons why:

Reason #1: Modern farming has depleted soil of nutrients. Use of fertilizers makes that a serious issue. Plants rely on soil to form minerals and vitamins - once the soil is depleted of mineral sources, no matter how much of the vegetables you eat, you will not get vitamins and minerals from that food source.

Reason #2: As we age, naturally, our ability to absorb minerals and vitamins diminishes. So even-though it is well known that children should be taking supplements, such as a multivitamin to help things like bone formation, it isjust as important for adults to do the same. If we eat enough to be able to get all the vitamins and minerals we need, caloric intake becomes an issue. So to supplement what we are not getting from food, taking a vitamin replacement is a great idea.

Reason #3: Modern transportation and storage of food, as well as use of preservatives to promote both of those degrade nutrient content of fruit and vegetables. In the cities, we are not in a position to eat fresh all the time, and often what we end up eating is significantly different than what was initially harvested. Additionally processed food has compounds such as MSG, Nutrasweet, Splenda and other synthetics that will force our body to need more nutrients then normal in order to breakdown these food derivatives.

Reason #4: Various pollutants in the air, and water supply, pesticides, herbicides all eventually end up in our body in one way or another. In order to deal with this environmental pollution, our system requires more and more vitamins and minerals to be able to combat these foreign substances and keep our metabolism and immune system working properly.

Reason #5: We need more when we work out! Whenever we put our body under stress, our bodies consume more nutrients to deal with it. This nutrient consumption far exceeds the typical loads average population needs to survive. Actually if you are active and you don't provide your body adequate nutrition, you will severely limit your athletic ability. Simple example of this could be recovery time after exercise increases drastically when not taking supplements that address free radicals released as a result of a hard workout.

So what are you waiting for? Start an effective nutritional supplement protocol today!